Best Hidden Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000 You Had Never Seen Before 2022

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Are you Looking for the best fishfinder GPS combo under 2000? We are listing the most versatile GPS combo under $2000 with all the information and features necessary for you. If you love to fish passionately, you must buy the best products.

Here we will not only provide you with the list of fish finder GPS combo under $2000, but we will provide you with complete information about each product to help you select the best one.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $2000

Here we will look at different types of fishfinders, GPS and many more advanced features in the top-rated fishing GPS combo.

After reading this article, you can make a clear decision, such as which device suits your needs according to the budget. We can say that the more we pay, the better we get.

Fish finders under $2000 are among some of the premium fish finder models and brands that will provide you with many amazing features to help you on your fishing adventure.

Some readers have asked for some of the best fish finder combo under $2000. After doing a lot of research and collecting user experiences, here are the top best-rated fish finders with GPS.

1. Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Fish Finder

best fishfinder gps combo under 2000The Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv is one of the best fishfinder GPS combo. Garmin’s all-in-one solution fish finders that you can get for under $2000. It has integrated support for Garmin CHIRP sonar, CHIRP ClearVu, CHIRP SideVu, sonar mount all-seeing Panoptix™, including Panoptix LiveScope™ and a wide range of other transducers.

The 10-inch colour screen is large, bright, and easy to use, and the multi-function control knob makes it easy to control. Garmin’s fast and responsive 10Hz integrated GPS and GLONASS update your position and heading 10 times per second.

It can place 5000 precise waypoints and makes it easy to find your way back quickly and easily. With wireless network support, you can also share your multi-unit sonar, maps, user data, dome, IP cameras, open array radar and Penoptix sonar.

The Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Typical current draw at 12 VDC: 1.9 A. Maximum current draw at 12 VDC: 2.7 A and is packed with great features that will make your fishing adventure a delight.

2. Humminbird Helix 8 G3N

best fishfinder gps combo under $2000As you may already know, Humminbird is one of the best brands of fishfinder GPS combo under $2000 with CHIRP, MEGA SI+ and GPS in fish finders. This Humminbird Helix 8 G3N GPS Fish Finder is one of their premium fish finders that gives anglers access to some of the best technology to help them find and locate fish and fish-holding structures.

With this under 2000 fish finder GPS combo, you can select from the three available screens, namely, 8, 9 and 10-inch. Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+ and GPS.

From the mapping power of AutoChart Live and the built-in Humminbird base map to networking options and standard Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity, this third-generation fish finder makes the most of every inch and every second.

All Helix 8 models feature precision GPS, dual-spectrum CHIRP sonar, Bluetooth, built-in AutoChart Live, and Humminbird Basemap.

This fish finder comes with a transducer and has the MEGA side-viewing and MEGA down-viewing sonar. An easy-to-use keyboard control interface complements the 8-inch full-color TFT display (1024 x 600).

This model is ideal for those looking to select their accessory transducer or pair it with a Minn Kota trolling motor with built-in MEGA Down Imaging.

3. Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE sonar

best fishfinder gps combo under $2000Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE is another best brand of fishfinder GPS combo with advanced sonar technology. You can simultaneously view CHIRP sonar with StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD to get the best possible view of fish and structure below or to the side of your boat.

This fish finder combo has many great features like active imaging sonar and RishReveal fish targeting preloaded C-MAP US enhanced mapping and wireless smartphone integration.

The HDS uses a dual-core processor with more speed and power to provide faster redraws and response times to drive technologies like Lowrance’s External Pilot, Mercury VesselView Link, and StructureScan 3D.

You can navigate faster with automatic route planning that automatically steers the shortest, safest course based on a ship’s draft, beam and height, creating a route around a fixed hazard.

But it will require you to include C-MAP MAX-N+ charts, Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.

4. Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Sonar

best fishfinder gps combo under $2000The Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 fishfinder also features great detail best fishfinder GPS combo with active imaging 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 sonar support, Fish Reveal, built-in Genesis Live real-time mapping, and improved display clarity and target separation.

The Elite-12 Ti2 fish finder features a high-resolution 12-inch SolarMAX display that makes it easy to identify fish and structures with new and improved display clarity and target separation.

It also has a preloaded map of the interior of the United States that features more than 4,000 lakes with a 1-foot outline.

Therefore, you can easily explore new waters and narrow your search to more productive waters by locating fish-holding structures such as ledges, drop-offs, and decks.

5. Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-plotter

best fishfinder gps combo under 2000Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-Chartplotter is one of the best fishfinder GPS combo with the features of a digital signal processor for a clearer high-definition image that improves fish targets at shallow and deep depths.

This fish finder has bright daylight viewable 8.4″ colour LCD with 8, 16 and 64 colour levels, 50/200 kHz dual frequency operation.

1000 watts with eight ranges from 0 to 3600′, and the Sona-Tone identifies what is under the boat with different sounds for fish or schools of fish.

Easy operation RGB output Automatic fishing/cruising modes Audio/visual alarms Fishing hotspot function takes you back to your favourite fishing hotspots with GPS input Bottom Discrimination Mode Multi-color in real-time.

What is a GPS Fish Finder?

The GPS feature allows you to mark your favourite spots, whether fishing from the dock or from the middle of the lake. You can also share your routes and waypoints with other Striker and echoMAP units.

How Does the Fish Finder Work?

A sonar device sends pulses of sound waves through the water. When these pulses hit objects like fish, vegetation, or the bottom, they are reflected back to the surface. The sonar device measures how long it takes for the sound wave to travel down, hit an object, and then bounce back up.

Benefits of the best Fish Finder GPS Combo Device

Fish finders come in all shapes and sizes, and different models produce different information for your screen. While some stand-alone fish finders will suffice, others won’t hold up. This is why using a fish finder combined with a GPS unit will be better for you.

You can get more information from a combo fish finder than you can from a stand-alone fish finder. If you’ve thought about getting the best fish finder GPS combo, this guide will help you understand the benefits of the best fish finder GPS combo.

1. Good for medium boats

Most fish finders you find on boats are a GPS combo unit. This is because they are more efficient for boats and fit very well. They are easy to install on medium sized boats and provide a lot of information when you are fishing.

Even if you have a larger boat, you can still use a combo fish finder to help you fish. Whether you’re out on the open water or cruising through different channels, you can use a combo fish finder. You can find any use for a combo fish finder on your boat.

2. Browse the fishing grounds

Fishing in different areas can quickly clump together, especially if you’ve never been to the area before. You can not only see where you are going and what the water looks like in front of you. This device will help you plan for any inputs that might cause you to get stuck.

Since you can see where you are going and where you are, a combo fish finder also works underwater. You can tell if you’re heading into a lot of brush or if you’re heading into shallow water. Being able to see more around you will allow you to easily navigate the water.

3. Split views

While fishing, you may need to decide whether to focus more on the fish finder or the GPS. This can get confusing, especially if you’re not paying attention to where you’re going. Using a combo fish finder allows you to choose which one you want to focus on.

Some models of fish finders allow you to have a split screen, which helps you see your GPS and what is happening underwater. Since you can use the split screen option, you don’t need to scroll through the different options to open the screen you want.

4. Plot your points

Using a combo fish finder allows you to chart your favourite fishing areas. When you come across an area that is full of fish, you can drop a pin for the next time you go out. This helps when you are unsure of the exact spot you are fishing and need to return.

Not only that, but you can also save your plotted points to the fish finder or to an SD card. This is great for those who love to play with their toys as much as possible. You can have a more interactive fishing experience with the plotter.

5. Fish anywhere

Whether you like to fish in shallow or deep water, a combo unit comes in handy. You can change the frequency you are fishing so you can get the best spot. You’ll need to make sure the frequencies are set correctly before settling into your new place.

Many models have dual frequencies, which is good when you need a fish finder for different water depths. Having more options means you have a better chance of catching the fish you want. You can also bookmark your favorite deep and shallow areas for next time.

How to Choose the Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000?

If you are looking for the best fish finder GPS combo to suit your needs, it cannot be easy to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately, We’ve created this guide so you can make it easy to decide what would work best for your situation.

The points below will give you all the information you need to make a good buying decision and get the most value for your money. You first need to decide what type of fish-finding system will work best for your boat and the specific area where you like to fish.

Whether it’s a handheld one or something with a built-in GPS receiver, There are many options available on the market to suit every type of angler. After this, you need to consider the features most benefit your fishing situation and budget requirements.

The fact that a product is the most expensive option on the market does not necessarily mean that it will offer better results than a cheaper one that offers all the same capabilities and additional functionalities. Before choosing the best Fishfinder GPS combo unit, here are some factors to consider.

1. The screen size of The Fishfinder

Fish finder screen size is perhaps one of the most important factors when looking at different GPS combo units. A larger screen will allow for a much greater viewing area and level of detail, which can help you make better decisions about your fishing situation during critical times on the water.

However, it should note that larger screen sizes will also come at a higher price, so you need to decide whether or not the extra cost of this feature would be worth it.

2. CHIRP sonar technology

CHIRP sonar technology is the next thing to consider before choosing the best fish finder GPS combo. Low and high-frequency sonar sonars will provide details that can help you make better decisions about your fish and what type of environment they prefer based on their feeding patterns and behaviours.

Allow for an improved catch rate during your fishing sessions. CHIRP sonar is often associated with high-end equipment, although some models available on the market for less than $2,000 include this technology.

3. GPS and Speed

A GPS speed sensor will allow you to map your favourite fishing spots based on how fast you travel while cruising through them. This is extremely useful because it allows you to find the best places to fish rather than just aimlessly searching.

Speed ​​is also important because you’ll need to know your speed to determine how far away an object is, which can help you determine if it’s a fish or not. This feature allows for more accurate sonar readings and reduces false alarms caused by waves.

It’s important to note that this feature comes at a higher price, although there are many models available under $2,000 that include it.

So if you find yourself frequently searching for new fishing spots and monitoring your speed during motorized trips, you need to factor in the additional cost when considering different GPS combo units.

4. Frequency

The last thing to consider before choosing the best fish finder GPS combo is frequency. Most of the higher-rated models will include a dual-beam sonar, although some higher-end options are available that use multiple beams instead of two.

Having more than one sonar beam can help increase the overview and level of detail when looking for fish, but it will also come at a higher price.

When choosing a fish finder, don’t forget to check the frequency because different frequencies display different images on your screen and greatly influence how easy it is to find fish.

If the sonar has multiple beams, the images from each beam can be displayed simultaneously or in separate windows. Also, look at in detail What to Look Before Buying Best GPS Fish Finder Combo.

People also asked

What is the cheapest fish finder with maps?

The Helix 7 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G3 is the most affordable fish finder with MEGA lateral imaging and Navionics maps. This unit combines the high-end sonar technologies of the Helix 7 CHIRP MSI GPS G4 with preloaded advanced maps, meaning you get sonar and mapping functionality at a very high level.

What is the difference between a GPS and a plotter?

Using a map to show your location. GPS provides your location but does not display it on a map. A plotter takes the GPS location and places it on top of a map.

Who has the better side image?

Top 5 Best Side Picture Fish Finders
1. Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP MEGA Side Imaging Fish Finder.
2. Garmin STRIKER Plus 9sv.
3. Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 Fish Finder.
4. Lowrance HDS-Live Fish Finder.
5. Humminbird Helix 5 SI Fish Finder with Side Imaging and GPS.

Do I need maps in the fish finder?

GPS not only allows you to track your course and create maps of your favourite fishing spots, structures, and water hazards, but it could also save your life. Most GPS units come with pre-installed maps. However, invest in a Lakemaster or Navionics SD card for more detailed and up-to-date GPS data.

What is better, Garmin or Lowrance?

Based on our research and experience with both products, you can generally count on Garmin for better GPS capability and more detailed mapping features. At the same time, Lowrance is much better regarding on-screen clarity and touchscreen interface.

Is Garmin better than Humminbird?

Garmin and Humminbird marine electronics use traditional sonar and waterproof depth sounder readings to provide dual-frequency sonar for finding fish. Although Humminbird is a stellar brand, Garmin beats the competition if superior GPS performance is the main draw for buyers.

Is the image facing down or the image from the side better?

Sideways imaging will be most useful in shallow water or when looking for fish that dive in shallow water. In contrast, downward imaging sonar will be most useful for deeper anglers who fish vertically.

Can I use a fish finder from the shore?

Can you use a fish finder from the shore? Traditional boat-mounted fish finders won’t work from shore, but specific portable fish finders with castable transducers are great options for shore fishing.


We hope you have provided some useful information on the best GPS fishfinder combo under $2000 that is also helpful for you and how they can be used in your fishing adventures, whether professional or recreational. Which one are you like most from the above list?

If you need help finding a product for your next fishing adventure or have questions about what features are important, don’t hesitate to hit the comment below! We will like to hear from you, and also give you to answer your question as soon as possible.