What is the Difference Between Gaming Laptop and Normal Laptop in 2022? with FAQ

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Knowing the difference between gaming and normal laptops will help you make an informed purchase decision. Also, if you already own a laptop, learning about the gaming laptop vs normal laptop and which one is better will also help you know if it’s good for gaming or not.

The main difference between gaming laptops and normal laptops is that gaming laptops are designed to handle heavy tasks like games that require both CPU and GPU. In contrast, normal laptops are designed to handle everyday tasks like navigating, writing documents, creating presentations, etc.

Difference Between Gaming Laptop and Normal Laptop

Gaming laptops are designed for high performance. They have dedicated graphics cards, high-speed processors, more RAM, and advanced cooling mechanisms. On the other hand, regular laptops have average performance hardware built with efficiency rather than performance in mind.

The high-performance hardware in gaming laptops allows them to perform processor and graphics card intensive tasks, such as gaming and graphics design, smoothly and for long periods without interruption. On top of that, they often have flashy chassis designs that primarily appeal to gamers.

Regular laptops have power-restricted processors and lack components like dedicated graphics cards, making them lighter and increasing battery life.

They’re good for lighter, everyday tasks like word processing, web browsing, and watching videos. Its chassis design is generally kept clean and simple to suit a professional environment.

Gaming Laptop vs Normal Laptop

Gaming Laptop vs Normal Laptop

Gaming laptops and regular laptops have vast differences in terms of the purpose they serve and their components. In this article, we will explore those differences for you.

1. Design

In terms of design, normal business laptops are sleek and slim. The exteriors of these laptops have a smooth finish that makes them suitable for an office environment. Designs are more compact, and normal laptop frames are generally smaller and lighter, creating better portability.

Normal laptops come with basic ports for connecting USB, headphones, HDMI cables, etc. As normal laptops are generally smaller, they have more miniature battery packs.

Gaming laptops have sturdy frames and robotic designs that enhance the laptop’s aesthetics. These laptops have many high-performance components and are, therefore, heavier. Gaming laptops are often decorated with RGB lights. It has more ports to connect all kinds of gaming peripherals.

2. Processor

Whether a laptop is designed for heavy-duty tasks like gaming and video editing, or light-duty tasks like word processing, you can understand by looking at the type of processor.

At first glance, both processors may look the same, but their function and internal structure are different. The difference can be understood by looking at the suffixes of the processors.

The suffixes of this processor give the game away! The processors used in standard laptops cannot generate a high clock speed due to their low power.

These processors are very efficient for doing day-to-day computing work. However, these processors are not cut out for such jobs if you plan to run heavy software applications on your laptop.

Typically, gaming laptop processors have more cores that facilitate high clock speed and performance. Some gaming laptop processors can be overclocked to run at higher speeds.

Due to their heavy-duty nature, these processors are more expensive than regular laptop processors.

3. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory or RAM is the short-term memory of a computer. Programs running on a computer or laptop are stored in RAM because it’s easier for the computer to extract and read information from RAM than it is to get information from your laptop’s hard drive.

In general, there are few distinctions between the internal architecture of a gaming laptop’s RAM and a standard computer’s RAM. The RAM in a gaming laptop usually has a higher clock speed than the RAM in a regular laptop.

In general, normal laptops have 4 GB to 8 GB of RAM. Since regular laptops are mostly used for light office work like writing emails, PowerPoint presentations, or surfing the Internet, these laptops don’t need more than 8GB of RAM.

On the other hand, an entry-level gaming laptop usually has 8GB of RAM since gaming laptops run multiple software at once. Many modern graphics-intensive games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Forza Horizon, etc., require 6-8 GB of RAM. Many people use 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

Also, video games are not the only applications that take up RAM space. Many other background applications, such as antivirus, operating systems, etc., also take up RAM space. In addition to RAM, some high-end gaming laptops also feature Video RAM (popularly known as VRAM).

VRAM is specially designed for flawless execution of graphic displays. The more RAM a gaming laptop has, the better computing speed it can provide. However, as the capacity increases, the price also increases, but the good thing is that it can replace the RAM.

Some laptops have more than one slot to install RAM. So if you can’t buy a large RAM, you can always return it later.

4. Screen Size

Gaming laptops often have larger screens to facilitate a top-notch gaming experience for gamers. The display also has a more significant refresh rate, giving gamers an advantage while playing online multiplayer games.

Normal laptops have smaller screens with less refresh rate. Normal laptops usually feature a refresh rate of 60Hz to 120Hz. On the other hand, gaming laptops display a refresh rate of up to 300Hz.

5. Graphic Card

A Graphics card, video card, or GPU ”Graphics Processing Unit” is the electronic component responsible for rendering graphic data. The main job of this piece of hardware is to extract information from the CPU and convert it into visual data that appears on the computer monitor.

Significant differences exist between a regular laptop graphics card and a gaming laptop graphics card. In this part, we will explore those differences. Graphics cards in regular laptops are built into the CPU and use the same RAM as the CPU.

As a result, its power and efficiency are not many. Such graphics cards can only facilitate light graphics data tasks like Powerpoint presentations, movie playback, etc. In contrast, gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards known as GPUs or Graphics Processing Units.

These GPUs use their separate VRAM, which is much more powerful and runs faster than the integrated graphics card in a regular laptop.

These dedicated graphics cards can do heavy photo, video editing, 3D rendering, virtual reality simulation, and run games with usage. Popular GPUs in the market are NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

6. Keyboards

Normal laptops have standard membrane keyboards. These keyboards are suitable for typing. However, the registration speed is not very fast on membrane keyboards. Also, the keys are very delicate. The main drawback of membrane keyboards is that they don’t last long.

On average, membrane keyboards can withstand 5 million keystrokes per switch. However, the typing experience becomes unpleasant over time as the rubber under the plastic keys wears away. Normal keyboards cannot register multiple keystrokes simultaneously.

The situation is different in the case of mechanical keyboards, which are found in gaming laptops. Mechanical keyboards can withstand the stress of gaming. Mechanical keyboards outlast membrane keyboards in terms of longevity.

Another advantage of a mechanical keyboard is that it has a faster register speed, which ensures a faster response during games. Also, mechanical keyboards can register multiple keystrokes at once. This feature is known as N-key rollover.

Keyboards that have N-key rollover can register many keys pressed at once. In many games, this feature is very useful. Gaming laptop keyboards are often backlit as gamers tend to play in a dimly lit environment. These backlit keyboards help gamers find keys in low light conditions.

It also improves the overall aesthetics of the laptop. Some gaming laptop keyboards can be programmed to have specific colors for specific keys. The user can assign specific colors to the keys to quickly find them when playing video games.

These lighting systems can be turned on and off. When off, it saves battery power. This feature is also not available on a regular laptop.

7. Cooling System

Cooling systems are vital to maintaining the optimal temperature of all laptop components. Both gaming and regular laptops have cooling systems, but significant differences exist. Gaming laptops use a more robust cooling mechanism than regular laptops, as the heavy-duty components in a gaming laptop produce much more heat than a regular laptop.

Primarily, the heat in a gaming laptop is produced by the computer’s CPU and GPU. Gaming laptops have multiple fans, large air vents, and heat sinks to keep the laptop’s components at optimal temperatures.

Some gaming laptops have the modern vapor chamber cooling mechanism installed instead of the orthodox heat pipes, which are becoming increasingly popular daily.

Regular laptops don’t have vapor chambers, as those laptops don’t produce as much heat as gaming laptops. The main source of heat in a normal laptop is the processor.

A small heat sink, air vents, and a fan are enough to keep it cool. On some models, there are no fans at all. Those laptops rely on natural air ventilation to cool components.

Since there is one more minor component, those laptops are lighter and quieter.

8. Portability

Both gaming laptops and regular laptops are portable. However, due to the difference in size and weight, there is a slight difference in portability. Regular laptops are usually smaller than gaming laptops and have less hardware than gaming laptops.

That is why they are lightweight, which makes normal laptops very comfortable to carry. Due to its small size and lightweight, you can carry it in backpacks without any problem. On the other hand, gaming laptops are larger in size and heavier. These laptops are known for their high performance.

For high-performance gaming, laptops need additional hardware such as a dedicated video card, video ram, large battery, multiple cooling fans, and multi-core processors.

These components make the laptop heavy and oversized compared to regular laptops. Therefore, gaming laptops pose a bit of difficulty in getting them from one place to another.

9. Battery Duration

Battery life is essential when deciding whether to buy a gaming laptop or a normal laptop. While the batteries used in both types of laptops are identical in composition, there are differences in size. Modern gaming and regular business laptops have lithium-ion or lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries.

These batteries have internal circuitry that prevents the batteries from overcharging. Gaming laptops are electronic devices that consume a lot of power. Gaming, video editing, or other graphics-intensive work consumes much power.

This is why gaming laptops have larger battery packs compared to regular laptops. However, gaming laptops can run for 6-8 hours during heavy use, even with large battery packs. Also, experts recommend keeping gaming laptops plugged into a power source for optimal performance.

On the contrary, regular laptops have a smaller battery than gaming laptops. However, normal laptops are very energy efficient. That’s why those laptops don’t consume much power.

An average fully charged standard laptop battery pack can run the laptop for up to 12 hours despite having small battery packs.

10. Speaker

There is a difference between day and night between the sound systems that gaming laptops feature and regular laptops. Sound is integral to a quality gaming experience and can only provide quality sound through good speakers.

That’s why gaming laptops have large, high-quality speakers that are louder than regular laptop speakers. These speakers ensure the user can hear all sound effects and character dialogue. Loud and clear sound quality from the speakers intensifies the gaming experience.

The sound system on gaming laptops serves another purpose. It often muffles any irritating noise from the laptop’s cooling fans and provides an immersive gaming experience. In normal laptops, there is not much need for high-quality speakers.

Also, due to the smaller size, there are not many possibilities to install large speakers. That’s why regular laptops have standard little speakers suitable for watching videos, listening to music, podcasts, etc. Also, look at How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers with iPhone? 

11. Connectivity

Regarding connectivity, there is little to no difference between regular and gaming laptops. Both types of laptops offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity is very important in gaming laptops as the most popular games in recent times are online multiplayer games.

Likewise, there is no alternative to the Internet for official work such as sending emails, surfing the Internet, etc. That is why normal laptops also have the option of Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity is also available on both gaming laptops and regular business laptops.

With the help of Bluetooth, users can quickly transfer files from their phones or other electronic devices to their laptops. What sets gaming laptops apart from regular laptops is the number of ports.

Generally, there are two USBs, one LAN, one HDMI, and a few other ports to connect various electronic devices on regular laptops.

Various ports are available for connecting gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and other gaming peripherals on gaming laptops. Gaming laptops have at least three USB ports. Some gaming laptops have up to 5 USB ports.

12. Versatility

Gaming laptops provide a lot of conveniences when replacing or upgrading parts. Most parts, like graphics cards, processors, RAM, VRAM, etc., can be separated from gaming laptops’ motherboards. Therefore, these parts can be easily changed.

On the other hand, the components of a standard laptop are integrated into the motherboard. Therefore, they cannot be easily separated and replaced.

13. Longevity

The longevity of any electronic device more or less depends on the user. If you take good care of your laptop, both gaming and regular laptops can last a long. Normal laptops are for light tasks like word processing, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Normal laptops will last a long time if the laptop is used for this purpose only.

However, if one attempts to play high graphics video games on a normal business laptop, the laptop will soon be subject to a drop in performance. How long a laptop lasts depends on how often it is cleaned.

Over time, the dust begins to collect on the vents and other components of the laptop, creating a buildup of heat in the system.

Such heat can cause permanent damage to many components of the laptop. Whether a regular laptop or a gaming laptop, it needs to be cleaned on a routine basis.

That said, if we look at the components of a regular laptop and a gaming laptop, it is more likely to last longer than a regular laptop due to its heavy-duty components.

In the event of a performance drop on a gaming laptop, it can still be used to carry out daily work. However, if a normal laptop becomes slow, it becomes useless.

14. Price

Price is the ultimate deciding factor when purchasing any product. There is a considerable difference between the prices of these two types of laptops. Gaming laptops perform graphics-intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, programming, etc.

Therefore, it has more hardware compared to a normal laptop. Due to these additional components, gaming laptops are quite expensive. An entry-level gaming laptop retails for $700.

If you’re looking for a good gaming laptop, there’s hardly a chance you’ll get it for under $1000. The price of a normal business laptop starts from $120.

Some more expensive models offer various features. However, due to the wide range of prices, regular laptops fit almost everyone’s budget.

People Also Asked

Is a gaming laptop better than a regular laptop?

High-performance processors will make the laptop run smoothly. Gaming laptop screens have a better refresh rate. It also has a better sound system compared to a normal laptop. Therefore, gaming laptops are better than regular laptops.

What are the disadvantages of a gaming laptop?

5 The most common disadvantages of a Gaming Laptop.

1. Expensive.
2. Poor battery life.
3. Prone to overheating and noise.
4. Difficult to update.
5. A touchpad is bad for gaming.

Can I use a gaming laptop for normal use?

So are gaming laptops good for everyday use? Ultimately, it will all come down to your personal use case. If you only play games on your laptop, a gaming laptop would be perfect for everyday use. It could also be a good option if you need a combination of good CPU+GPU performance on the go.

Can I use a gaming laptop for work?

Can a gaming laptop be used for work? Yes, just like a regular laptop, a laptop designed for gaming can still absolutely be used for work. Some high-end laptops are so powerful that they’re the perfect choice of the computer if you’re doing animation or editing.

How long can a gaming laptop last?

On average, mid-range gaming laptops tend to last 3-4 years, while high-end ones can last 4-5 years. However, with effective care and maintenance, they can last longer. Physical components can last up to 7 years but may not be compatible with decade-old software.

Do gaming laptops overheat?

Gaming laptops produce a lot of heat because they contain high-performance CPUs and specialized graphics cards, which generate a lot of heat.

Do gaming laptops last longer than regular laptops?

Proper care and maintenance will make your laptop last longer. This is a common debate that if you take care of something, it will last longer. A gaming laptop can last longer with proper care.

Is a gaming laptop necessary?

Gaming laptops are amazing; for many people, they are the best way to experience gaming. Gaming laptops aren’t just portable; they can also pull double duty as a PC for work or school.

Why are gaming laptops so heavy?

Because gaming laptops need to cool about 100W of heat, you need a great heat sink and a great fan. Most of the volume comes from the heat sinks. Also, GPU ram is soldered on laptops, and as you get past 4GB of VRAM, the motherboard grows to accommodate the GPU ram.

How much money is a gaming laptop?

Prices start at just under $1,000 for the AMD models, but if you can spend close to $1,300, you’ll get more. If you’re a gamer who needs to keep costs down, the company’s budget-friendly IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop starts at around $750.

Is an HP laptop good for gaming?

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is decent for gaming. It’s AMD Ryzen H-series CPUs and dedicated NVIDIA GPUs run modern AAA games decently well. However, you’ll need to opt for the more powerful RTX 3050 or 3050Ti GPUs if you want smoother gameplay at maximum graphics settings.

Is the i5 good for gaming?

Intel Core i5 processors are generally considered the gold standard for gamers. In terms of performance, they sit right in the middle rung of Intel’s performance hierarchy, but they have the right kind of specs that most contemporary AAA games use.


The main difference between gaming laptops and regular laptops lies in their hardware. Normal laptops are built with energy efficiency in mind rather than performance. They are cheaper, lighter, and have better battery life than gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops can be thought of as portable desktop replacements. They have high-performance CPUs and graphics cards. Gaming laptops are more expensive than regular laptops and designed to run demanding software, such as games. Battery life and portability are its main drawbacks.

A gaming laptop allows you to do graphics-intensive work such as playing high-resolution video games, 3D rendering, virtual reality simulation, graphics design, etc. These are heavy tasks that a normal laptop cannot handle.

However, these laptops are not cheap. A good gaming laptop can easily cost you over $1000. Another problem is that gaming laptops do not have impressive battery life. On the other hand, normal laptops do not have powerful components like gaming laptops, but they do their job perfectly.

Normal laptops are mostly used for office work like sending emails, word processing, running Zoom meetings, etc. Normal laptops can do these things quite efficiently. Unlike gaming laptops, standard laptops have good battery life. In addition, the prices of normal laptops are reasonable and cheap.

So I hope this article is useful for you. If you have questions, hit the comment section we are here to answer you. Also, tell me about your experience. Can you use a gaming laptop as a regular laptop? And which one is the best for gaming laptops or normal laptops?